Monday, June 24, 2019

Post-Gazette: Carnegie Library Workers Launch Union Drive

Library workers from across the Carnegie Library System in Pittsburgh are launching a unionization drive that they hope will end with union recognition by the end of the summer the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has reported.

Organizers are hoping to bring 350 part-time and full-time library workers into the United Steelworkers in a move that would surely have displeased the systems infamously anti-union namesake, Andrew Carnegie.

Those organizing the union are particularly hopeful that recognition will deliver benefits to part-time workers, who make up 40% of front-line staff, such as healthcare, vacation time, sick time, and paid holidays.

USW would join Service Employees International Union, which represents custodial workers, and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which represents the drivers who transports books between locations, in the library system should organizing go according to plans.

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