Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Connexion: French educators and students to strike over COVID protections and pay

 A French teachers union estimated that about a third of all of France's teachers would go out on strike yesterday, January 26th, as frustration has risen around the nation's response to the resurgent COVID-19 pandemic, The Connexion has reported.

The union, SNUipp-FSU, said that members felt that the state had abandoned frontline workers in the midst of deteriorating situations making and called for the state to implement protection for teachers and students that rose to the challenge of COVID-19.

The unions are also demanding action on teacher salaries, which falls 7% below the global average for early and mid-career professionals, after promises and reforms made last year were deemed insufficient.

Students and parents are also joining the strike over frustration with the government's response to the pandemic.

France's nurses union also encouraged its school nurse members to join the teachers strike, saying the additional burdens placed on school nurses to test and contact trace COVID-19 prevented them from being able to tend to and care for students with other health needs.

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