Monday, July 16, 2018

Remembering Haymarket

Labor History--

In the city of Chicago on the evening of May 4th 1886, a protest meeting was held in the Haymarket Square. The meeting was organized by the anarchist community to protest the murder and wounding of several workers by the Chicago police the day before. The murdered men had been protesting outside the Mc Cormick Reaper Factory, from which they had been locked out by the owners.

The Pioneer Aid and Support Association organized a subscription for a funeral monument. In 1893, the Haymarket Martyrs' Monument by sculptor Albert Weinert was raisedin Lot 789 Section N in Forest Home Cemetery. It consists of a 16-foot-high granite shaft capped by a carved triangular stone. There is a two step base, which also supports a monumental figure of a woman standing over the body of a fallen worker, both in bronze. It was dedicated on June 25, 1893, after a march from Chicago. The inscription on the steps read, "1887," the year of the executions.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

A Union Response to the Supreme Court’s Janus Decision

A Union Response to the Supreme Court’s Janus Decision

Monday, July 2, 2018

How Corporations Plan To Use Janus To Turn Workers Against Their Own Unions

How Corporations Plan To Use Janus To Turn Workers Against Their Own Unions

In These Times has identified at least 26 public records requests for the personal information of public-sector workers filed under state open records laws since September 2017, when the Supreme Court agreed to hear Janus.

Free Riders Defined-Rutgers AAUP- Post-Janus Message to Non-Members

Powerful letter from Rutgers AAUP Leadership.

....While your paycheck will increase modestly as this fee disappears, this could be the most expensive pay raise you’ve ever seen. One independent analysis suggests that if we don’t retain enough union members, our pay could decrease by as much as 3.7% per year ...

This ruling immediately turns all non-members into what is known as a “free rider”—i.e., one who benefits from the gains while leaving the costs to others. By joining the union you won’t be a free rider, and you’ll send a message that affordable health insurance, academic freedom and fair pay increases are important.

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After Janus: Our best defense is a strong union

Saturday, June 30, 2018

AFT Local 3922-Portland- Not backing down after Janus-2

Max Macias writes that Portland Community College (Portland Oregon:) AFT Local 3922 President Jeff Grider sent an encouraging message...

Classified Folks-Today has been a busy day, but not quite like I expected... We still have a lot of technical details to work out, both internally and with HR, but things are going well so far. I have been amazed by the positive responses - from individual members, from from other organizations, from the media - echoing the same message I have been sharing: Our strength comes from our membership - from our solidarity - from our numbers. In fact, since the Janus decision this morning, enough new members signed up to boost our membership solidly above 75%!!
It says a lot that over 3/4 of our bargaining unit has said yes to being a full member, and I look forward to even more in the coming weeks.THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY/TOMORROW: - Wear your union T-shirt (or just something union blue if you prefer) tomorrow, June 28, to show solidarity and support for OUR UNION. - Take action on social media and tell the world why you support unions! Make your post public and tag our local on Facebook and Twitter and/or AFT-Oregon on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #WeRise #UnionStrong #IamAFT #FreedomtoJoin #Union. - If you're in Portland, join us tonight for a Union Strong Rally at 5:30 p.m. at Portland City Hall. 
Until tomorrow (unless I see you tonight...)
Jeff GriderPronouns: | He, Him, His |
President - PCCFCE (AFT Local 3922)