Thursday, September 18, 2014

Union Files Lawsuit Against City

AFSCME Local 3425, the union representing library workers at Louisville Free Public Library in Kentucky, has filed a lawsuit against Louisville Metro Government. The union alleges that the government has violated their collective agreement by filling full-time positions with part-time and subcontract workers.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Union Proposal Ridiculed

Several groups of the Public Service Alliance of Canada are currently in contract negotiations with the government.  The proposal put forward by the Education and Library Sciences group of PSAC has come under scrutiny from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and other external organizations as it requests the inclusion of "aboriginal spirit friend" to the list of individuals for whom employees can take bereavement leave.  PSAC has stated
Our members come from all communities across Canada, including members from First Nations. We celebrate our diversity and encourage all members to be part of the collective bargaining process by making proposals to improve working conditions. This proposal, among many others, was brought forward in a democratic fashion. It refers to the loss of a spiritual leader in the community, such as an elder. We have negotiated bereavement leave in other agreements for such losses. We hope the government starts to take seriously all our proposals instead of trying to gut sick leave and other provisions that ensure a healthy and productive federal public service.
The National Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has ridiculed this proposal, saying “They want 10 days off with pay if an imaginary friend dies.These people might as well be working at imaginary jobs."

REMINDER - Upcoming Librarians & Archivists Conference

The Canadian Association of University Teachers is hosting From Talk to Action: Building Successful Campaigns to Action, a conference for librarians and archivists on October 31 and November 1 in Ottawa, ON. From the website:
The purpose of this conference is to boost our collective ability to defend and advance the interests of academic librarians and archivists. Through presentations (part one) and hands-on practice (part two), the event will explore how to conceptualize a campaign, effectively incorporate visual design and communication elements, and build alliances to move issues forward.
Registration deadline is October 10.

Demonstration in Wales Today

UNISON is organizing a demonstration in Wales today on behalf of government workers in response to job losses and wage cuts. According to the article linked above, a union spokesman had this to say: 
Refuse collectors, social workers, carers, cleaners, teaching assistants, environmental health workers, caterers, town planners, administrators, school crossing patrol workers, caretakers, school cooks, nursery nurses, library staff and the many other local government workers deserve to be paid fairly in recognition of the vital work that they do.
 But instead, increasing numbers are struggling to make ends meet, are experiencing in-work poverty, and are forced into taking out payday loans and visiting food banks.

One-Day Strike at University of Windsor

Faculty at the University of Windsor engaged in a one-day strike yesterday and are planning in engaging in half-day strikes in upcoming weeks if an agreement is not soon reached with the university administration. A full-blown strike could occur in October.

Friday, September 12, 2014

BC Teachers' Strike Continues

School was cancelled for the second week in a row this week across the province of British Columbia due to strike action by the BC Teachers' Federation. Teachers have been on strike since June. Members of the teachers' federation voted 99.4% in favor of binding arbitration, a request that has been refused by the government. For more information on the strike, visit the BC Teachers' Federation website.

Strike at National Library of Wales

On Wednesday, staff at the National Library of Wales went on strike over a wage dispute.