Friday, August 15, 2014

University of Windsor Faculty Vote in Favor of Strike

Librarians and other faculty at the University of Windsor have voted in favor of strike action if an agreement cannot be reached with university administration. University president Alan Wildeman, whose earlier letter to the union was called 'shameful' and 'inflammatory', has stated that the Windsor University Faculty Association must decide if they want to put the students on the street”.

Rally at University of Sydney

A rally was held earlier this week at the University of Sydney in response to planned changes to library services and structure. Under the new plans, 156 library jobs will be lost. The university administration contends that the changes are needed in order to keep pace with technological developments and user habits, and that all staff affected by the cuts are welcome to apply for new positions at the library.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Law Limiting Collective Bargaining Rights Upheld in Wisconsin

Last week the Wisconsin Supreme Court upheld Act 10, legislation that limits public workers' collective bargaining rights.  According to Justice Michael J. Gableman, "collective bargaining remains a creation of legislative grace and not constitutional obligation".

Friday, July 11, 2014

Strike at Allahabad University

Library staff are among the employees at Allahabad University who have gone on strike, resulting in cancelled classes and closure of the Central Library.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Massive Strike in United Kingdom

More than one million public sector workers across the UK are on strike today in protest of a number of issues including workplace safety, heavy workload, and wages. Librarians, teachers, and firefighters are among those who have walked off the job in response to austerity measures. The massive strike has been coordinated among a number of unions, including UNISON, Unite, Public and Commercial Services Union, National Union of Teachers, the Fire Brigades Union, and GMB.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that he plans to introduce new laws restricting strike action for essential service providers. Speaking about the National Union of Teachers' involvement in the strike, he said "I don’t think these strikes are right... I think people should turn up for work."

Sunday, July 6, 2014

University of Windsor Administration Issues 'Inflammatory Letter'

The administration and faculty association at the University of Windsor have been undergoing contract negotiations since May. This week, members of the Windsor University Faculty Association received a letter from university president Alan Wildeman stating that if a collective agreement is not reached by July 7th, the university will no longer make contributions to pension plans and health insurance premiums, will no longer collect and forward on union dues, will no longer reimburse professional expenses, and will suspend the grievance and arbitration provisions that are laid out in the current collective agreement.

According to the Windsor University Faculty Association president, "These are very aggressive tactics. As far as I know it is unprecedented. It’s extraordinary." The Canadian Association of University Teachers has condemned the university administration, stating “This is an unprecedented and shameful action by the administration.”

The letter from the university president can be viewed here.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nearly Half of Library Jobs to be Cut at La Trobe University

Library staffing levels will be cut almost in half if proposed redundancies are implemented at the Bendigo campus of  La Trobe University in Australia. According to a spokesman from the National Tertiary Education Union, 9 of 20 library staff positions are among the university-wide proposed cuts.