Thursday, June 23, 2016

Information Pickets at Newfoundland Libraries

Library workers in Newfoundland held information pickets across the province yesterday in order to make their communities aware of upcoming planned location closures. Fifty-four libraries in Newfoundland are set to close over the next two years, resulting in the loss of sixty jobs. The library workers are represented by CUPE Local 2329.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pay Equity for New Brunswick School Library Workers

School library workers, educational assistants, administrative assistants, and intervention workers in the New Brunswick education system will be receiving pay equity increases after an evaluation found that these female-dominated positions had lower salaries in comparison to other positions. The workers, represented by CUPE Local 2745, will receive back pay for the past four years and additional increases over the next six years.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Barnet Library Workers Strike in Protest of Plans for Unstaffed Libraries

Barnet Council library workers are on strike once again in continued protest of planned changes to library services and staff hours. The council is facing serious budget cuts, and in response has plans to keep libraries open to the public without library staff present. They hope to accomplish this by staffing the libraries with volunteers and installing self-service equipment as well as security cameras. Children under the age of 15 years will be unable to make use of these unstaffed locations unless accompanied by an adult. Barnet Council hopes these measures will save  £2.85 million.

Six of Barnet's library branches were closed this week as a result of the strike. Barnet library workers are represented by UNISON.

Unity Break Held at Berkeley Public Library

Members of SEIU 1021 participated in a "unity break" to protest issues with the management of Berkeley Public Library. Workers and administration have disagreed on the process of weeding the library's collection for some time. The former director of the library resigned after it became public that an exponentially larger number of items had been removed from the library's collection than had been announced. It has been alleged that a current library worker is being terminated in retaliation of disclosing the accurate number of items removed from the collection. A union spokesperson said:
One of the core tenets of librarianship is intellectual freedom. That the people who brought that to light are being punished instead of rewarded is shameful.

CUPE 561 Voices Concern Over New Management Structure

Members of CUPE Local 561 have voiced concerns over planned changes to the management structure of Coquitlam Public Library. The library director has argued that the addition of six new managerial positions is necessary in order to engage in more outreach and more technology-oriented services. The union is concerned with the amount of money that will be spent on these positions instead of being spent on books and other library resources.

Unfair Labor Charge Filed Against Washington-Centerville Public Library

The union representing workers at Washington-Centerville Public Library has filed an unfair labor charge with the State Employment Relations Board in response to what union members have characterized as "punishment" for employees taking sick and family leave.

Library administration is set to begin bargaining sessions with the Washington-Centerville Public Library Staff Association this week. The union formed six years ago but has yet to negotiate their first contract.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Concerns over Lay-Offs at University of Manitoba Libraries

The union representing library workers at the University of Manitoba has expressed concern after a quarter of the library's staff have been let go since the beginning of the year. According to the union president, this reduction in staff will make it difficult for the library to continue to serve their community during the upcoming academic year. The university president has argued that the increasingly electronic nature of library services has lessened the need for librarians. The library workers are represented by the Association of Employees Supporting Education Services.