Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Penthouse of Heaven

DVD out on Chicago's massive May 1 immigrant rights march

The Penthouse of Heaven

Chicago's Immigrant Rights/Workers Rights March, May
Day 2006

On May Day, 2006 the largest march ever in Chicago took
place--to support the rights of immigrant workers.
Labor Beat has produced a 27 minute documentary about that event and what led up to it: the earlier March 10 massive march which kicked off a national immigrants rights movement; follow-up community planning meetings for the next big march; the emerging role of the unions
in this struggle, including the press conference on April 24 at Haymarket Square, with CFL (AFL-CIO) and Change To Win speakers; the last minute preparations of the organizers on the eve of the march; the launch point activities at Union Park on march day; and the great march itself of some 500,000 participants.

Includes interviews with union spokespeople from UNITE HERE, UFCW, SEIU, Carpenters, U.E., and others, including Jorge Mujica of the March 10 Committee, and a speech at the Haymarket Square ceremony by James Thindwa (Chicago Jobs with Justice) reminding us that the negative effects of NAFTA have been forgotten in the national discussion about border crossings from Mexico. The message of the video also criticizes guest
worker schemes, and calls for unionization, not just legalization, of immigrant workers, and living wage legislation.

The march participants remind us with their signs and in eloquent statements that this protest was not only about Mexican/Hispanic immigrants, but about all immigrants, from Poland to India to the Philippines. Don't miss our video about this historic day in the movement for social justice.
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