Monday, June 19, 2006

35.8% of Library Workers Covered by Collective Bargaining

The 2005 Survey of Librarian Salaries read, “Which of your library’s employees are covered by a collective bargaining agreement?” We did not define “other professionals.” This question was asked to update data collected in the supplement to the 1997 Librarian Salary Survey. The 1997 study found some or all support and professional staff were covered by a collective bargaining agreement in 34.3% of the 891 libraries that responded. In the 2005 survey, 2040 public and academic libraries responded and at least one category of staff was covered in 35.8% (732) of libraries.

The results of the 2005 Survey of Librarian Salaries question about
library employees covered by collective bargaining is in the latest
issue of the ALA-APA Newsletter, Library Worklife -

The full-text of the newsletter is available to ALA member libraries
that have an email on file with the ALA Membership Office (call
800-545-2433, x5 and ask for Vicki Williams or email and
to individuals who have a subscription ($35 a year for ALA members, $60
for non-members, $100 for non-ALA institutional members).

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