Monday, June 12, 2006

Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Employees Seek Union Representation

Letter from the Organizing Committee.

A core group of employees of Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library last July formed a committee seeking union representation through AFSCME, Local 62, Indianapolis. We reached majority three months ago and continue to receive signed cards.
A resolution was drafted and presented to the Library Board two months ago. Library Board President, Louis Mahern has publicly stated he is not in support of union representation, but other board member have expressed some supportive interest. Therefore the next phase is to gather public and outside support for the approaching 65% of staff that have signed union cards requesting involvment in the dramatic changes taking place in our library.
Briefly, the library is building a new Central Library which is now over 40 million dollars in overruns and delays, as well as lawsuits. To compound matters, newly hired Director, Linda Mielke has decided to deconstruct our Library's diverse and historic collection, and replace it with overstuffed shelves of popular material in all formats; to replace experienced librarians with hourly clerks, and reduce frontline support staff while increasing upper level management.
The staff at IMCPL believe we have no other recourse but to seek union representation through AFSCME and be allowed to participate in the direction of this library.
--Organizing Committee

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