Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Library Workers Committee, CUPE-Ontario, Supports Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library Employees Unionization Efforts

The Indianapolis Star June 12, 2006
P.O. Box 145,
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0145

On behalf of the over 4000 organized library workers in Ontario, I find it surprising that an institution presumably well-versed in modern labour relations as the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library would likely be should still resist the unionization of its staff.

The signatories to the UN and ILO conventions on workers' fundamental right to organize themselves may not include Indiana, but we are confident that the administration and board of the Library will recognize the enormous persuasive value of those conventions, as well as the practical value of allowing their workers a meaningful voice in their working lives, a voice which in fact be of assistance to the Library Board in serving its public.

We in Ontario will be following developments with great interest.

Yours truly

Steven Burdick
Chair, Library Workers Committee, CUPE-Ontario

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