Friday, August 18, 2006

Librarians / Faculty Union at Community College of Allegheny County Begin No-confidence Vote Against President

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports:
Faculty at Community College of Allegheny County are holding a no-confidence vote against embattled President Stewart Sutin -- possibly the first such vote in the college's 40-year history. "The reason for doing this is an accumulation of problems that have occurred while Stewart Sutin has been president," said John Dziak, head of the faculty union...."Most of the college's problems deal with lack of oversight, their own poor judgment, bad decisions," Dziak said. "We've had more publicity, albeit negative, in the last three years than we've probably had in the last 40 years, and this is not a good way to celebrate the 40 years of existence."

He said the vote is being conducted until early next week by the 370 teachers, counselors, librarians and other professionals in the bargaining unit. Passage of a no-confidence vote would take a majority of the members of Local 2067 of the American Federation of Teachers.

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