Saturday, August 12, 2006

Nashua Public Library Employees Local 4831

Letter from Edmund Lowe, President of the Nashua Public Library Employees Local 4831 in the Nashua Telegraph:
Library union president: Aldermen’s committee shows no sense of give-and-take in contract negotiations

The library staff takes pride in its work. Its members understand that the citizens appreciate the importance of a really good public library to a city like Nashua, even if many of their elected officials do not.

I had hoped for a return to common sense with the election of the new aldermanic board last November. But if the budget review committee is representative of the full board, then this board of aldermen is as extreme in its conservatism as previous boards have been in their liberalism.

I have to wonder what the aldermen would consider an acceptable cost for the services of the employees whose contracts they rejected? Whether through ignorance of fair labor practice or complete disregard for it, they are putting our city at a real disadvantage.

Read the entire letter.
Edmund Lowe is the President of the Nashua Public Library Employees Local 4831.

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