Monday, October 2, 2006

First ‘nudity-in-a-museum' case

While the Frisco,Texas teacher is not a librarian, it wouldn't be much af a leap to expect this principal--Nancy Lawson-- to go after the art books next.

Principal, Nancy Lawson, wrote:
“During a study trip that you planned for fifth graders, students were exposed to nude statues and other nude art representations.”

Ms. McGee, 51, a popular art teacher with 28 years in the classroom, is out of a job after leading her fifth-grade classes last April through the Dallas Museum of Art. One of her students saw nude art in the museum, and after the child’s parent complained, the teacher was suspended...
A representative of the Texas State Teachers Association, which has sprung to Ms. McGee’s defense, calls it “the first ‘nudity-in-a-museum case’ we have seen.”

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