Sunday, November 12, 2006

CSU Faculty Plans Massive Protest

As many as 1,000 California State University faculty members are expected to rally Wednesday at the Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach to protest what they say are misplaced priorities of university administration.

Union officials say administrators are spending too much money on executives and arent doing enough to fight soaring fees that are making it hard for students to stay in school or to address sagging faculty and staff salaries.

"We believe that they have not been representing the real and true needs of the CSU and that they misallocated the resources on things like transitional pay programs for top executives and other expenses,"

------ said John Travis, a Humboldt State University professor who is president of the California Faculty Association.

The university and union, which represents 22,000 teachers, librarians, coaches and counselors at CSU's 23 campuses, are at an impasse in contract negotiations that started 18 months ago. Some sticking points are salary and workload issues.

Travis said the rally — which he believes will be the largest ever organized in the CSU — transcends contract issues.

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