Sunday, December 9, 2007

Florida State University Librarians Get No Raises While Adminstrators & Coaches Rake in Cash

Florida State University's Union President [Union INCLUDES librarians], Jack Fiorito wrote in the Tallahassee Democrat:
So while Bowden [football coach] gets a $600,000 raise, Fisher gets a $200,000 raise, and Wetherell enjoys a "top 10 in the nation" salary, FSU's ranking remains stagnant, and the faculty and staff who have exceeded the university's goals for graduate student recruitment, produced numerous books, articles and creative projects, and brought in millions of dollars in grants (recent statistics show that the amount the FSU faculty brings into the state in grants for their work exceeds the total amount of FSU faculty salaries) are rewarded with an insulting "bonus."

This is the real message FSU is sending with these contracts, and this is why FSU is shooting itself in the foot in its efforts to attract, develop and retain the top tier scholars needed to join the AAU. When academics are rewarded in the same way as athletic coaches and top administrators, FSU will begin to move out of the parochial backwaters of higher education.

Website for the United Faculty of Florida-FSU Chapter.

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