Thursday, January 17, 2008

Walk-Out in Victoria (BC)

Victoria's public libraries have been hit by a walkout after an employee was suspended over involvement in a so-called food-for-fines program the union says management endorsed.

The president of CUPE local 410 says the worker was suspended for taking part in the scheme, which accepts donations to local food banks in lieu of late fees.

The food-for-fines program ran for about a month as part of the union's rotating job action against the libraries in the capital region that began in September.

Ed Seedhouse says it is part of a lawful strike action and suspending the supervisor violates B.C. labour laws.

The union says library management endorsed the program over the holiday season, and even tried to claim credit for what was part of the union job action.

Seedhouse says the one-day walk out is being staged to support the suspended worker and the union also plans to file a complaint with the B.C. Labour Relations Board.

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