Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Service Employees International Union Beats LSSI on UnFair Labor Practice in Jackson County, OR.

A private firm that operates Jackson County's 15 libraries is being forced to recognize that a majority of its employees are members of a union to resolve a complaint filed with the National Labor Relations Board.
The county closed its libraries and terminated employees last April following a reduction of federal aid to timber counties. It later rejected an SEIU bid to run the library and instead entered into a five-year contract with the company, which is based in Maryland and known as LSSI. Most of the county library employees returned at reduced benefits and without union protection.
The union’s Marc Stefan explained to LJ that when a new employer takes over from a previous entity that operated with a unionized work force, as long as a majority of the workforce is made up of people who used to be represented by the union, the union can request that the new employer bargain with the union.

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