Tuesday, April 1, 2008

CUPE Local 410 and Board of the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association Sign MOA

The Greater Victoria Public Library and its locked-out workers have reached a deal that could see libraries reopen early next week.

CUPE Local 410 and the board of the Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association signed a memorandum of agreement yesterday that gives 250 employees pay equity in line with other municipal wages in the region. The union voted 85 per cent in favour in a ratification vote last night at Central Middle School.

The memorandum includes pay increases for support workers called pages and creates nine regular positions -- one per library -- for the pages who are classified as auxiliary workers....
Library workers at all nine branches have been locked out since Feb. 17. The lockout followed months of job action, which included noon closings and the shutdown of Internet computers.

Workers said they were not being paid according to a 1992 agreement. They said a clause in the agreement should give them pay equity with City of Victoria workers.
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