Friday, May 2, 2008

Nashua Public Library Settles Contract

Library union contract approved
By PATRICK MEIGHAN Telegraph Staff

NASHUA . April 23, 2008.– The city settled with another union Tuesday, closing the deal on a contract that impacts 33 Nashua Public Library staff members.

The board of aldermen voted 12-0 to approve the contract. Alderman-at-Large Steven Bolton, the board president, abstained. Bolton's wife, Kathy Bolton, is the children's librarian.

Aldermen Paul Chasse Jr. and Mark Cookson were absent.

Speaking during public comments, Carol Eyman, the library's outreach specialist, urged aldermen to approve the contract, noting that the workers' previous contract expired June 30, 2006.About a dozen other library staff members waited quietly in the aldermanic chamber for the board's vote.

Eyman also reminded aldermen that the previous board had rejected the last contract proposal brought before them. The contract that came to the board Tuesday contained no retroactive raises and additional concessions on health insurance premiums and co-pays, she said.

Extending to 2010, the contract gave workers 0 percent raises in the first year, 4 percent each in years two and three and 3.8 percent in year four.

Overall, raises averaged 2.95 percent for the life of the contract, or 3.07 percent compounded, Alderman-at-Large Fred Teeboom said.

The contract will cost the city, in wages and benefits, a total of $1.94 million for this fiscal year. That cost will increase to $2.14 million in the final year of the contract.

Teeboom said he would support the contract because it met city guidelines and fell within the city's spending cap.

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