Saturday, November 22, 2008

Class Contempt

Stan Hister at The Rabble writes about class contempt for the working poor:

"The image of working class people has sunk very low. It was not always so: there was a time when Joe Hill, Tom Joad and Norma Rae - "white trash" all - were iconic figures.

That isn't just a bygone era: there are living examples of that kind of heroism today, in the ever-swelling ranks of the working poor. But to see them for what they are, you have to dig through the 'trash' of class contempt."

When a TALKING POINTS MEMO blogger wrote "Palin: The Trailer Trash Candidate" it was clear that the progressive left no longer understood anything about working people.
Hister's observation expands on those I posted at at WorkingLife during the days before the 2008 U.S. election: Trailer Trash are the Working Poor.

Embedded in all the class contempt was also a lot of disregard for women--and foremost among the contemptuous was Heather Mallick of whom Hister writes.

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