Sunday, November 30, 2008

North Andover Announces Zero-Percent Wage Increases for Professional Librarians Union

North Andover, MA. - The Town of North Andover has ratified an agreement with two of its unions for a zero percent wage increase for the current budget year, fiscal 2008-2009.

The unions involved are the Professional Librarians Union and the DPW Union, Town Manager Mark Rees announced at Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting.

Said Rees, “We have been very pleased with the unions’ response to our current budget situation. The librarians and Public Works employees have been team players.”

Given that the two contracts expired on June 30, 2007, the replacement contracts are for two years. The zero-percent wage increase applies to the second year of the contract. The first year applies retroactively to fiscal 2007-2008, for which the unionized library and DPW employees will receive a 2.5 percent increase, which is consistent with the raises given to other municipal employees during the same time period.--Nov 19, 2008.

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