Friday, January 23, 2009

"Sweatshop Labor" and "Living Wage" Resolutions- -American Library Association, 2008- Background by SRRT Councilor, Al Kagan

The January 2009 issue of the SRRT Newsletter includes a report on the 2008 ALA Annual Conference held in June in Anaheim. SRRT Councilor Al reports that there was support for the sweatshop provision of the SRRT "Resolution Concerning ALA Policy Opposing Sweatshop Labor and Support for Union Businesses," but vehement opposition to anything about unions. Kagan worked with Councilor Jonathan Betz-Zall to delete the union language before the resolution came up on the floor of Council.
I am unsure why ALA at large is so wary of supporting unions. The annual review of union activity in libraries--"There is Power in a Union,"-- that appears in Progressive Librarian and this blog continue to be the only ongoing source of union information (tho Library Worklife, produced by ALA-APA is far more union friendly than ALA at large).
Kagan also reports passage of the "Resolution Endorsing a Living Wage for All Library Workers and a Minimum Wage for Professional Librarians ."

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