Monday, February 2, 2009

"Why Unions are Important" by Holly McCarthy

"Why Unions are Important – Regardless of Profession."
Holly McCarthy

With the current economic situation affecting nearly every person in some way these days, it is easy to see why so many people are looking for ways to protect themselves when it comes to wages and job security. In non-union states, people don’t really understand how things work.

Sure, unionizing and working within the parameters of a particular union can have its own challenges and period of “dues paying,” it usually works out for the best in the end as far as all parties are concerned.

Good Pay

If you are working hard and performing an essential function at a company where you have been working for some time, you should expect to be compensated accordingly. Too often, many companies and employers move toward the cheap labor without thinking about how things will work out when all is said and done.

Economic Stability

When you have skilled workers in whatever trade or field who are being paid for their abilities, you will have people who are able to go out and spend money. This isn’t just people spending money on the things that they need, but far beyond that. The people who are earning good money and feel protected also have disposable income that can be used to help stimulate other areas of the economy.

Benefits and Insurance

If you work somewhere for a long time, maybe even your whole life, you want to make sure that you will be taken care of when all is said and done. No one should have to work until their dying day. If you have put in the right amount of time and effort, you should be able to rest easy knowing that the money will still come and that you don’t have to worry about things if you get sick. The necessities of life should ultimately be taken care of if you have put in your time.

This post was contributed by Holly McCarthy, who writes on the subject of the online colleges and universities. She invites your feedback at hollymccarthy12 at gmail dot com

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