Monday, March 2, 2009

Franklin (MA) Library Union Considers Salary Freeze

Workers in Franklin, MA are considering what cuts they are willing to make for the greater good...President of the firefighters union, Capt. Steven J. Sims, Franklin Education Association President Chandler Creedon, library union president Janice Roddy, and Gerry Copeland, president of the police dispatchers' union, all said they are hopeful the stimulus bill will save jobs and prevent cuts.

The 21-member librarians' union is considering the possibility of freezing their salaries to save their coworkers' jobs, Roddy said.
"They're listening. They're not saying, 'No, no, no' right off the bat, but things need to be considered. The cost of living goes up," she said.
The library staff is already bare bones, she said, and meanwhile circulation is rising as the economy worsens, as more people want to find cheap or free activities, borrow DVDs, and use the public access computers.

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