Friday, April 17, 2009

Archie Green Called to Labor. Librarian, Laborlorist

Julie Ardery writes in Daily Yonder:
Archie Green was a scholar of what he called “laborlore” – the expressive culture of working people. For five decades he studied hillbilly music and pile-drivers’ tales. He made inventories of “tin men” – the showpieces of sheet metal workers -- and analyzed sailors’ slang. He recorded songs by millworkers and miners’ wives. Working on until just months before his death, he wrote countless articles, both academic and popular, and five books, including Only a Miner, his landmark study of coal-mining music...

Archie studied library science at University of Illinois (training that shows throughout his immense, impeccable archives, now at the University of North Carolina). At University of Pennsylvania, he earned a folklore degree, writing the dissertation that would become Only a Miner.

He lobbied hard and successfully for the creation of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.In 2007, the Library honored him as a “Living Legend.”

See: Fund for Labor Culture and History

[Thanks to Sanford Berman}.

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