Friday, April 3, 2009

Discuss Union Books

A group for readers and writers of labour books.

LabourStart has launched a group on UnionBook (the social networking website for trade unionists) to discuss union books. If you've read a book other trade unionists should know about, tell them there. If you're an author and have written a book specifically aimed at trade unionists, go there to talk it up. If you think there's a book
that should be LabourStart's book of the week, use the tools in this group to let us know.

Where trade unionists get together to talk about books other trade unionists should be reading. See LabourStart's book of the week feature on its home page. Suggest books here that we should be promoting. Authors - tell us about your books. Readers - tell us about books you've read.

You need to be signed in to UnionBook to do this.)

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