Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mediation pursued in NCCC labor feud

Working without a labor contract for almost three years will go a long way to strain a relationship....

Over the last six weeks, the union has taken a vote of no confidence against college President James P. Klyczek and has accused him of violating state law in a dispute over health insurance coverage.

Both sides started meeting with a mediator about a new contract at the end of last month, and another formal hearing may occur as early as August on the health insurance issue....The Faculty Association, which consists of teaching faculty, counselors, librarians, technical assistants and non-ranking professionals, will have 164 members at the start of the fall semester, according to the organization.

Some of the issues on the table since negotiations for a new contract began in March 2005 include class sizes, health insurance and control over potential staff cuts that are caused by financial distress at the college.

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