Thursday, July 16, 2009

There Is Power in a Union - 2008-2009.

"There Is Power in a Union - 2008-2009" is a chronology of articles and events about librarians and unions Progressive Librarian no. 32 (Winter/Spring 2009) p. 55-67 by Kathleen de la Peña McCook.
Kathleen de la Peña McCook.

In 2008 the only reporting and analysis of librarians and unions indexed in Library Literature & Information Science Full Text was published in the Progressive Librarian.
Progressive Librarian #30 (Winter 2007/20080 focused on Library Workers in Unions with "So Promising of Success": The Role of Local 88 in the Development of the Chicago Public Library, 1937-1952, by Joyce M. Latham; "An Indomitable Spirit: The Eight Hundred of CUPE 391," by Anita Galanopoulos; and "There is Power in a Union-2007." Progressive Librarian #31 (summer 2008) included "The Union Difference for Library Workers, Salary Survey 2006;" "Library Workers: Facts and Figures;" and "Professional Women: Vital Statistics."
The lack of attention to union issues in the general library press continues to be a concern that should be addressed by those who believe that library workers and their conditions of worklife contribute to better library service. As posted at American Rights at Work,
"Unions are an essential part of a strong democracy and play a crucial role in America's public and community life. Not only do they give workers a voice on the job and help negotiate fair benefits and wages for their members, but they also use their political and economic resources to raise the floor for everyone who works for a living."

The full text of " There Is Power in a Union - 2008-2009" can be read using the index Library literature & information science full text . An audio version is available there as well.

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