Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bring Back the Hyatt 100! Boycott Hyatt in Boston.

• The three Boston area Hyatts -- the Hyatt Regency Boston, the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, and the Hyatt Harborside at Logan International Airport -- fired their 98 staff housekeepers on Aug. 31, 2009 and replaced them with $8-an-hour employees of the Georgia-based Hospitality Staffing Solutions. – UNITE Local 26.

• A mess: Hyatt's housekeeping scandal. Since the hotel giant fired 98 room cleaners and replaced them with cheap labor, the backlash has been sharp, including a call for a nationwide boycott. –CNN Money, September 20, 2009.

• “If ignorance is bliss, the corporate chieftains of the Hyatt Hotel chain must be ecstatic. They pulled a lowdown, sneaky trick on 98 of Hyatt's housekeeping staff in three Boston hotels – thinking that no one would notice, care, or do anything.”
Jim Hightower, October 6, 2009.

Boston City Council resolution
...City of Boston Resolution in Support of the Hyatt Housekeeping Staff and Their Full Reinstatement.
• RESOLVED…if the Hyatt Hotels does not reinstate these workers, that the Boston City Council will join with other governments and businesses in boycotting their services.[ filed 9/29/2009] is here.

Boycott Hyatt Petition is here.

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