Saturday, January 2, 2010

Young people need good jobs now

Young People Need Good Jobs Now

By Liz Shuler and Donna DeWitt
The Sun News
Myrtle Beach, SC
December 18, 2009

As the new year rolls in, a four-letter word is on
everyone's lips: jobs.

With the unemployment rate at red-alert levels, the
White House held a jobs summit, the president gave a
major address and Congress is preparing legislation to
create jobs. But not many are looking at the particular
problems facing young workers. Not only have they been
hurt disproportionately by the economic crisis, they
could very well be the first generation in recent
history to be worse off than their parents. Joblessness
among young workers is even higher than the national
average. They need jobs -- good jobs -- and they need
them now.

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