Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Save the Los Angeles Public Library!

Los Angeles Public Library is facing massive budget cuts!

* The Mayor's office has proposed and 11% reduction in staff-- more than any other department.
* ONLY the LIBRARY and Recreation & Parks are marked for additional staff cuts by the hundreds over the next 5 years.
* The City Council voted to layoff more than 4,000 city workers. This is just the beginning

What This Means:

* Reduced hours
* Reduced services
* Closed branches

What This Really Means:

* Fewer books
* Limited Internet access
* Fewer DVDs, CD,s, Books on CD
* Fewer story hours, teen activities, literacy education activities, after-school activities, computer instruction classes, adult programs
* Limited assistance for students, job seekers, writers, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, recreational readers, armchair learners, and others.

Contact the Mayor and your City Council Member Today and Let them Know that:

* You don't want the library to be cut
* You want your library open
* You want programs and service at your library
* This is your city, your library and you should be able to access materials and information
Librarians' Guild AFSCME Local 2626


  1. This is payback time for the Librarians' Guild...they did such a good turn for me, sitting on their hands when I was 4 weeks away from losing my apartment, no severance pay, nothing, in 2008. Good luck finding a new job...

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