Monday, January 23, 2012

Fresno County Library actively recruiting scabs

Fresno County (California) Library has apparently lost its collective mind and any semblance of solidarity by actively recruiting volunteer scabs to run the library in the event of an SEIU strike.  The potential strike would not just be by library workers but by thousands of county workers. It is unclear if SEIU members are actively recruiting scabs or if it's solely management, though.

Furthermore, what kind of person would scab for free?  A scab, as Jack London noted, is a "two-legged animal with a corkscrew soul, a water brain, a combination backbone of jelly and glue" but it's commonly known that their primary motivation is selfish profit.  So what does that say about a person willing to scab for free?

I encourage anyone reading this to contact Fresno County Library employees Roberta Barton at 559-600-6274, or Susan Mann at 559- 600-6224, to ask them why they are acting like scab-herders against their own library.  You could also contact SEIU 521 to see if the rest of the union is aware of this plan.

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