Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Jersey Libraries Unite!

I'm pleased to point out NJ Libraries Unite!, a blog devoted to organizing library workers in New Jersey and fighting any potential austerity measures aimed at gutting public libraries in that state.  In their own words:

"During the economic crisis, public libraries have been essential for helping New Jersey get back to work. Library employees have stepped up to the task of first responders for the out-of-work, providing job-hunt training and resources, even while enduring their own sacrifices.

"In return for their service, public library have seen budgets slashed to historic lows. Community events have been cut; funds for new acquisitions are nonexistent; and after school programs have been reduce to the bare minimum. Staff members have been let go and those remaining have endured painful cuts and pay freezes.

"Rather than see libraries as essential to economic recovery, politicians have used our libraries as their piggy banks – cutting library funding to pay for more politically connected consultants.  

"NJ Libraries Unite is fighting back by giving employees a powerful voice against library closures and cutbacks. Join us and help win the rights and benefits New Jersey’s library employees deserve!"

Please check out their blog, especially if you are in the New Jersey area, and I hope to be able to report on some big victories in the Garden State!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Braden! We could use all the support we can get and I hope that readers of the Union Library Workers living in New Jersey will be inspired to become active in the fight against cutbacks to our libraries.

    NJ Libraries Unite!

    1. No problem, it's the least I can do. Keep me updated on the situation in New Jersey.