Friday, March 23, 2012

Day of Solidarity for Spanish Library Workers

This is a bit old now, but important nonetheless.  Workers at the National Library of Spain have been campaigning against budget cuts and out-sourcing of work since 2010.  Recently, several workers with the CNT have been fired and now the campaign has expanded to support those fired workers as well as to draw attention to systemic problems associated with austerity in that country.  A solidarity rally was held on February 4 of this year.  If you can read Spanish, check out their Facebook page.

It is important to note that the workers are members of the CNT, an anarcho-syndicalist union with a long and proud history of direct action for social justice dating back to before the Spanish Civil War.  During that conflict, the CNT had over one million members and was able to seize huge swaths of the country, including the entirety of Barcelona, and operate these areas according to collectivist, direct democratic, and anarchist principles of equality.  For more information on the CNT,  click here or here.

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