Friday, April 13, 2012

AFSCME launches library worker campaign

In honor of Library Workers Day (which I must admit that I have never heard of until now) on April 10, AFSCME has launched an online campaign to draw attention to recent attacks on public libraries across the country by proponents of austerity measures.  Stating that "library workers will not be shushed," AFSCME Local 1215 (Chicago) president Carl Sorrell draws attention to the importance of an active, organized work force and ties with community members in defending library services.  To check out the campaign's open letter and to sign a petition, go here.

Now is the obligatory section wherein I remind everyone that petitions are great and all, but they are no substitute for organizing in the workplace and the community!  So after you sign that petition, get involved with your union and take some action.  And if you don't have a union, there's a good place to start!

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