Monday, January 27, 2014

Strike at Mount Allison University

Classes have been cancelled at Mount Allison University as faculty and librarians at that institution have gone on strike. The Mount Allison Faculty Association had been negotiating with university administration on issues including workload, salaries, academic freedom, pensions, and benefits up until the strike deadline.

It is important to note that on the Mount Allison University website, it states that although classes have been cancelled:
"All other services at the University continue to operate as usual, including residences, the dining hall, the student centre, the athletic centre, and the library."
Asserting that the library can operate as usual with librarians on the picket lines demonstrates a lack of understanding and respect for the work that librarians do. Unfortunately, Mount Allison University is not alone in expressing this sentiment. Check out this blog post from Concerned Librarians - it contains Sam Trosow's reaction to the University of Western Ontario's claim that the library would run "as usual" while the librarians and archivists were on strike in 2011.

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