Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Union Proposal Ridiculed

Several groups of the Public Service Alliance of Canada are currently in contract negotiations with the government.  The proposal put forward by the Education and Library Sciences group of PSAC has come under scrutiny from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and other external organizations as it requests the inclusion of "aboriginal spirit friend" to the list of individuals for whom employees can take bereavement leave.  PSAC has stated
Our members come from all communities across Canada, including members from First Nations. We celebrate our diversity and encourage all members to be part of the collective bargaining process by making proposals to improve working conditions. This proposal, among many others, was brought forward in a democratic fashion. It refers to the loss of a spiritual leader in the community, such as an elder. We have negotiated bereavement leave in other agreements for such losses. We hope the government starts to take seriously all our proposals instead of trying to gut sick leave and other provisions that ensure a healthy and productive federal public service.
The National Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has ridiculed this proposal, saying “They want 10 days off with pay if an imaginary friend dies.These people might as well be working at imaginary jobs."

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