Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Report from Unison Scotland

Unison Scotland has issued the results of its survey of library workers across the country, entitled Read It and Weep: Scotland's Library Staff Speak Out. From the report:
Libraries are a valued and vital cultural and community resource. If good intentions and fine words were reflected in budgets then our Library staff would be substantially happier than they are. Instead they cope daily with increasing workloads, widening responsibilities, and a more demanding set of customers . This is compounded by their own knowledge that it doesn’t have to be like this – they know what they are capable of and how their service could be delivered better and adapted for the future. Government at all levels needs to start backing up their professed affection for libraries with the investment that the service requires to go forward. Library staff are understandably and rightly frustrated at the current state of affairs. They, and all of us, deserve better. 

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