Saturday, June 30, 2018

Massachusetts Teachers Association-Not backing down after Janus -1

from MA- William Shakalis reports:
Massachusetts Teachers Union
This week you may have gotten an email from an organization called MyPayMySay. As the email shows, this organization is funded by the Mackinac Center from Michigan.
Who funds the Mackinac Center? That’s right — Betsy DeVos and her family. Have a look.

and also:
Our union chapter, Worcester State, Mass. State College Association (9 state universities),
member of the Mass Teachers Association (NEA) has formed a Janus Response Committee:

The charge of the committee:
1.  Report on the implications of the Janus decision.  This report should provide a broader context for understanding Janus and union responses elsewhere. 
2.  Identify the immediate and potential long-term consequences for the Worcester State chapter of the MSCA .
3.  Develop a preliminary action plan, to be discussed and acted upon by the Membership, for the Worcester State chapter of the MSCA to respond to the new union environment created by the Janus ruling.

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