Friday, October 19, 2018

"Academic Librarians and Labor Unions: Attitudes and Experiences," by Chloe Mills and Ian McCullough.

Mills, Chloe, and Ian McCullough. (2018). "Academic Librarians and Labor Unions: Attitudes and Experiences," portal: Libraries and the Academy, Vol. 18, No. 4: pp.805 - 829.

This research project investigates librarians' attitudes toward unions and collective bargaining through data collected from a nationwide survey of 359 academic librarians in the United States. We found that academic librarians have a generally positive view of unions and collective bargaining agreements, a notable result in a national political atmosphere that is demonstrably anti-union. Union membership is strongly bound to faculty status. Our research results imply that unionization and collective bargaining provide stronger job protections and higher wages than faculty status alone, and suggest that discussions of faculty status in academic libraries may not have provided the best possible way to enhance the status of our profession.

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