Sunday, November 11, 2018

Center for Union Facts not a friend to workers

CUF-has been a key supporter of legislation aimed at curbing the influence of unions, such as the Employee Rights Act, while also lobbying against union-backed legislation like the Employee Free Choice Act. It has placed advertisements around the US that have been critical of unions. Its representatives have appeared on major broadcast and cable channels to discuss labor issues, and have written commentaries in leading newspapers and on news and opinion websites. (Wikipedia)/

Center for Union Facts

The Center for Union Facts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that fights for transparency and accountability in America’s labor movement. For too long, big unions have opposed employee rights, engaged in self-dealing and corruption, and made excessive demands that have killed tens of thousands of jobs and driven major cities into bankruptcy.
With a record like that, it’s no surprise that union membership in the private sector has collapsed and unions’ favorability has plunged. But even as they lose members and public support, labor unions fight at every opportunity against giving their members the resources to hold leadership accountable and try to hide the truth about their multi-million-dollar political campaign operations with front groups.
We have compiled a searchable database of public information on America’s labor unions, including data on officers’ salaries, membership trends, corruption charges, and key financial data. We provide resources to workers curious about their rights when a union comes to organize their workplace or about how to get rid of a union that no longer serves their needs. We additionally keep a watchful eye on union activities, especially their political activities and efforts to suppress employee rights.


Are you against unions?
No. We are against union officials’ abuse of power at the expense of their own rank-and-file members. We are against corruption, violence, and intimidation. We are against the misuse of union dues. We support employees who elect to join a union, as well as the right of employees to remain or become non-union without intimidation.

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