Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Plan to WIN! UC-AFT Ramps up Bargaining Campaign

Ramp Up Bargaining Campaign…Member Workshops, Media and More… 
While the pace of negotiations has slowed for the time being, librarians are using the break from the table to build our bargaining campaign and prepare for the next phase of negotiations. Each campus is holding campaign planning workshops in December and early January where members will plan concrete local steps for winning a great contract. Here’s more on these important workshops, including scheduled dates. Our negotiating team will meet for a full day on December 15th to work on proposals and gear up for bargaining dates scheduled through March. Meanwhile, our campaign continues to generate great media coverage with this interview on KALX and an  article in AFT Voices..

Also the Librarian organizing committees on each campus are hosting a two-hour workshop where librarians will develop a durable campaign plan for the next stage of negotiations as outlined at the UC-AFT Librarians blog here:  

A Plan to Win: Strategic Campaign Workshops for Librarian Bargaining

UC-AFT is the union representing librarians (Unit 17) and non-Senate faculty (Unit 18) working throughout the UC system.  Our members hold academic appointments as lecturers, program coordinators, supervisors of teacher education, and librarians.  For a complete list of the job titles that are included in our bargaining units, follow these links:    Unit 17 Librarians   

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