Monday, May 20, 2019

POLITICO: Almost one year after Janus ruling, Unions seem to have weathered the storm

Rainey, R. & Kullgren, I. (2019, May 17). 1 year after Janus, unions are flush. Politico. Retrieved from

According to a report by, unions representing public sector workers may not have been as hurt by last years Janus ruling than initially anticipated. In part, the authors Rainey and Kullgren, argue it was unions' preparedness for what seemed like the most likely outcome of the case that allowed them to weather the storm of the first year.

The most current data suggests that the 10 biggest public sector unions saw membership and dues totals increase even as the unions lost fee payers. Though the authors caution that the data is still early and bigger drops could come down the line. So far, though, the numbers look better for labor than many believed would be the case just a year ago.

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