Monday, July 6, 2020

PBS: Philly Free Library workers say 'No Confidence' in library leadership

Less than a day into the return of library workers to the physical spaces of the Philadelphia Free Library, and with no patrons allowed in the buildings, employees were already sharing stories of a woefully under prepared system that was beginning to open back up.

According to local PBS affiliate WHYY, employees reported expired and missing sanitizing wipe, nearly expired hand sanitizer, lack of soap, overheated, unclean spaces, and inadequate PPE among other concerns of misallocated resources and racism.

These concerns inspired a petition launched by unionized employees of the library system declaring "no confidence" in library leadership and demanding the Board of Trustees force the current library director to step down and for the union to be consulted on finding a replacement. The petition followed a day after Black library workers had released an open letter regarding racism in the library system.

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