Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Friends with Low Wages"

"Garth Brooks" learns the truth about how Wal-Mart treats its workers

Click to see "Friends with Low Wages"
The cartoon even ruffled a few feathers at Wal-Mart HQ in Bentonville. A Wal-Mart spokeswoman told an Arkansas newspaper that "it's a shame that this group would use this type of publicity stunt to take away from what we do to help working families save money every day."
Of course, what's really a shame is how far Wal-Mart will go to keep workers from standing up for themselves.
That's why we need your help -- we know you care about Wal-Mart workers' rights, but we're counting on you to spread the word and get Wal-Mart to clean up its act and end its unionbusting ways.
Please watch the video at www.walmartworkersrights.org -- and then afterwards, be sure to take action with American Rights at Work

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