Monday, July 27, 2009

University of Minnesota Technical Assistants- AFSCME Local 3937 and Local 3801 -Vote to Ratify TA for 2009-2011

The members of AFSCME Local 3937 and Local 3801 (Technical, UMD) voted by majority to ratify the Tentative Agreement for 2009-2011.
The contract will be presented to the Regents for a vote. As there is no August Regents meeting, it is probable that this presentation will occur at the September meeting. That is the last step in the process.
If you have any questions about the contract or the new provisions, please get in touch with us here or talk to anyone on the Technical Bargaining Unit Negotiations Committee.
We sincerely thank everyone who cast a ballot, and appreciate your support throughout the negotiations.
NOW - get involved! Be a part of your Union! Remember, our union depends on members like you for its ideas and energy.

The Technical Unit Negotiations Committee:

* Barbara Bezat - Andersen Library (West Bank), Co-chair
* Denise Osterholm - Duluth Campus, Local 3801 President, Co-chair
* Ken Holm - RAR (St. Paul Campus)
* Krista Gallagher - Med Area (East Bank)
* Ron Kubik - Morris Campus
* Greg Knoblauch - Vet Teaching Hospital (St. Paul Campus)
* Jody Ebert - Wilson Library (West Bank)
* Ryan Mattke - Wilson Library (West Bank)
* Beth Wolszon - Wilson Library (West Bank)

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