Saturday, January 9, 2010

Boston Hyatt: We won’t stop fighting until we get them back.

"When they fired me and almost 100 others on Aug. 31, they gave me a few weeks pay and a trash bag to clear out my locker."

Bring Back the Hyatt 100.
Corporina Belis, Hyatt Regency Boston

"It makes me sad because I worked with them for 20 years and they threw me out the door. We're asking you to support us so we can get our jobs back."
-Thien Moore, Hyatt Regency Boston

"I worked for 21 years. They gave me a trash bag to clean out my locker. I am fighting for justice. I want everyone to know what happened so it doesn't happen again."
-Aracelly Arango, Hyatt Regency Boston

"It's a shame what happened with Hyatt. It all came down to the dollar. They didn't care about us."
-Lucine Williams, Hyatt Regency Boston.

"I feel really sad about what happened. We didn't deserve to be thrown out the door like trash. We deserved respect."
-Mayra Carmona, Hyatt Regency Boston

On August 31, Hyatt fired its longtime housekeeping staff at its three Boston-area hotels. Many of the fired housekeepers worked for their hotels for over 20 years. Many were required to train their replacements before being fired. Their replacements are being paid minimum wage.

We won’t stop fighting until we get them back.

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