Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Advocating for Better Salaries Toolkit-Updated.

Members of the APA Salaries and Status of Library Workers (SSLW) Committee have updated the 6th Edition of the Advocating for Better Salaries Toolkit. The Toolkit was originally developed by ALA’s 2002–2003 President Maurice J. (Mitch) Freedman’s Better Salaries and Pay Equity for Library Workers Task Force as part of the Campaign for America’s Libraries.

The toolkit is designed to provide library workers with the resources and strategies they need to improve their salaries. Over the years, the toolkit has been updated to reflect the economic concerns of library workers with sections for guidance on incorporating compensation issues into library advocacy campaigns, negotiations in a saturated labor market and the importance of recruiting, retaining and rewarding a quality library workforce.  For the readers’ convenience, the toolkit is divided into four parts: Building Your Case for Better Salaries; Pay Equity; Unions; and Speaking Out. This material is helpful for librarians, administrators, and support staff.
APA is grateful for the many previous members of SSLW who have updated this bibliography since the first version was created.  A special thank you goes to: Amy Bartholomew, Jennifer Dorning, Julia Eisenstein and Shannon Farrell for their efforts in updating the 6th Edition of the publication.

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