Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Daily Bruin: UPTE reaches tentative contract, UC-AFT get snubbed

The Daily Bruin, reporting on contract negotiations at the University of California, announces a tentative agreement reached between the UC system and University Professional and Technical Employees-Communications Workers of America 9119. After two years of negotiations, UPTE will bring a 5-year contract to its 14,000 members to a vote this week.

The contract exchanges 20% pay increases over five years to healthcare professionals and 22% to technical and research professionals. It also establishes equity pay for healthcare workers and step pay for technical and research workers. Retirement and parking remain unchanged. In exchange, the union agreed to a no-strike clause for the contracts duration.

As the UC was finalizing negtiations with the UPTE, however, tensions flared in negotiations between the UC and the University Council for the American Federation of Teachers Local 1990, the union representing faculty and librarians.

UC-AFT negotiators claim that amid discussions of instructional support, office spaces, and supplies the UC negotiators began engaging in name calling and left the meeting abruptly.

UC-AFT plans to continue to advocate for salary increases, especially as many faculty members are struggling, but the university's refusal to consider changes on matters as small as letterhead does not leave many hopeful.

The current UC-AFT contract is set to expire in January.

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