Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Reflector: WPEA fighting for raises for library workers

Employees of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library, represented by Washington Public Employees Union (WPEA) are fighting for wage increases following a study showing that they were paid significantly less than library workers in similar districts. The Reflector report states that in some cases employees were paid up to 29% less than in other districts.

The market study that found these results had been established following a contract agreed to by WPEA and FVRL in 2018 that tied employee salaries to the findings of the report. Employees are now being told the money is not there, and what money does exist is earmarked for capital improvements over salaries.

WPEA is planning to file an unfair labor practices suit against FVRL. The two sides are already in mediation over the contract with the next session scheduled for August 20.


  1. So glad to see this news posted here! We've been at loggerheads over a market study negotiation for over a year now!

    1. Glad to spread the word in the little ways we can. Solidarity to all of you during these surely trying negotiations!