Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Tribune: Chicago teachers refuse return to school

 The Chicago Teacher's Union, while not calling for any workplace action, has stated that it will support any teachers in the city that chose to disobey Chicago Public Schools and Mayor Lori Lightfoot's efforts to force pre-K and and special education cluster teachers back into the classroom before the Mayor's own most recent stay at home order expires and public health officials have an opportunity to examine and gauge post-holiday spread, the Chicago Tribune has reported.

CTU, which has become famous in labor circles for its successful community organizing efforts that propelled them to multiple victorious strikes and other actions over the past decade.

A letter was also sent by 30 city aldermen expressing concern that efforts to force schools open fail to meet CPS's equity objectives while also falling short on issues of public health concerns.

A union attorney noted that this is not a work stoppage, as teachers have a right to work in a safe environment and those who continue to work remotely are simply exercising that right. If CPS puts up a fight, however, he notes that the membership might choose to take a tougher stance.

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